Tips and Tricks for the DIYer

  • Wrap new roller covers with masking tape and pull it back off to remove loose fibers. I usually do this twice to brand new roller covers.
  • Do not use tape to keep paint from getting on trim when cutting in the border of a wall. Tape will allow paint to seep underneath and by the time you remove the tape the paint will be dry and tougher to remove. Instead use a steady hand with a good brush and keep a wet cloth handy.
  • Use quality tools. They will keep the frustration level low, actually speed the job along, and can be reused if treated properly.
  • Always protect the flooring. It doesn’t matter if you are using an old bed sheet, plastic tarp or canvas drop cloth you will smile when you see a wet dollop of paint on it instead of your carpet.
  • Try washing it first. Sometimes the problem is dirt.
  • Preparatory work is essential. It not only effects the look of the final product, but it also effects the
  • Take time in picking out colors. Looking at the choices for whites alone at the local paint store can be overwhelming. Using the small 2 X 2 swatches on paper is good to narrow your choices to a couple. Then it is wise to buy sample jars of those colors to test on the walls or on poster board. You should then tape the poster board to a sunny wall and a shaded wall in the room you intend to have painted. Check it out throughout the day as it will look different as the sun moves through the room. Also, be sure that the new color will work with the color or tone of your trim. It may feel that you are wasting money on tester bottles, but compared to hiring a professional, or taking a weekend or two to do it yourself, and being dissatisfied with the results is much more expensive.
  • Don’t take too much time picking out colors. There are nearly 100 reds, alone, in a fan deck from a local paint store. You can get analysis paralysis if you think you are going to flip through it and find one you like. Also when looking at different shades of the same color for too long none of them make sense. It is like saying the same word over and over again. Try to find inspiration another way by checking out magazines, catalogs, or books. Many catalogs, such as Pottery Barn, and magazines, such as This Old House, will give the color name in the caption of their pictures.

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